The hypocrisy of Kashmir: a difference of being a spectator and participant

Peek into past

When Britain finally ended its colonization of the subcontinent in 1947, the violence was extreme. Soon war over the region broke out between India and Pakistan, and the U.N. Security Council called for a ceasefire and a referendum in Jammu and Kashmir to determine its final status.

A map of Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir, which will lose their special status.Reuters

The harm caused by the pellet-firing shotgun, currently the favoured weapon of the Indian military in India Administered Kashmir, is singled out

Hari Singh, Maharaja of Kashmir.CREDIT: WIKIPEDIA COMMONS

Colonial past of Kashmir

Signing Instrument of accession was a method or pathway for the Maharaja to evict his revenge on the Muslim dominated Pakistan and also for the citizens whom he saw as an unruly crowd opposing his rule. Little did he knew that this was the start of every lasting confrontation with two major powers in the south Asian continent.

Change is initiated

So what are the main changes initiated by this revoke of article 370? A quick glance into the changes shows that it is really a mixed bag.

Unilateral Revision

BJP ruled and the government in India was always a ticking process for this change to be initiated. Just the question was how and when. However when the event occured it just went outside the control and imagination of the entire political and judicial stalwarts of opposition and Pakistan government. House arrest for the politicians in Kashmir. Getting international support from similar ideological rulers from across the world.

“Despite its bluster, Islamabad has limited true retaliatory options,” Michael Kugelman, deputy director of the Asia Program at the Washington-based Wilson Centre, told Bloomberg. “There’s no way it can get India’s decision to be reversed, and it’s not about to send troops into Kashmir, and so naturally it will take the few risk-free punitive steps at its disposal.”

The matter is a bit more acceptable for the Buddhist majority Ladakh glad to be distanced from Jammu and Kashmir and all the tourist-repelling trouble that comes with it. Placing the central Indian government more in control may also help counter growing Chinese influence in Ladakh.

Way Forward

Actions speak more than words, that is the approach BJP and the affiliated government has been taking in this particular matter. Things have a tendency of getting done in the current rule of India. Many say it is the efficiency of government in using the untethered loopholes in the constitution to make its own agenda seems like a constitutional movement.

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